One of the most predictable problems ever to strike the world business community. Yet it is also one of
the most serious. Despite what some people would have you believe.

Every company has a potential problem caused by computer hardware and software programs using
two digits to identify the year. Devastatingly, the Bug can cause your computer and administrative
systems to fail.

Operations involving sorting, comparing, indexing and computation will encounter errors that will either
"crash" your system, cause applications to operate incorrectly or worse, slowly corrupt data over time,
without being noticed until its too late.

Indirectly - end users, management, auditors and procedures such as formal policies and the
operational environment may all be affected.

Around the world, businesses have been slow to take on board the full impact of the seemingly silent
and inexorable transition to the
Year 2000 on their computer systems.

Even businesses that have put their own Year 2000 houses in order may still fall victim to the bug, if its
customers or suppliers in the same or other countries have not been as diligent.


Failure of only one country to ensure its Y2K compliance will even impact the economies that are in

Time is ticking away for companies to deal with the Year 2000 problem

The consequences of failing to take necessary action could be disastrous.......

Year 2000 = Y2K = Y2KAOS Avoidance

Crucial requirements include a considerable degree of commitment by management, strategic planning,
the allocation of dedicated resources and a thoroughly planned and managed remediation programme
are all key to overcoming the Y2K bug. Failure in any of these areas will almost certainly result in some
of the effects of the Bug on your systems not being detected - any one of which may result in business

To help make sure your project is successful, M technologies have developed SPIDER - a
methodology designed specifically for the resolution of serious systems problems, including situations
such as the
Millennium Bug. SPIDER addresses ALL the key areas that are crucial to the success of
your Millennium remediation program.

Contact us now - set in train your solution to the Y2KAOS problem - and calmly watch the KAOS of
your competitors.

Let the spider eat your bug now time is running out.........

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