A Problem Tracking & Support System

In most organisations, customer support is initiated by direct telephone contact, with the customer/
consumer either reporting a problem or requesting clarification on some point. Responses are usually
provided by a technician, who may or may not be able to provide an immediate solution.

Often there is no formal procedure in place to record either the customers' problem or how the
technician handled it. This may be fine for a single instance as it may be fairly quick and therefore
very satisfactory from the customers viewpoint. However in the long term both customers and
vendors suffer. The method of handling problems, especially subtle problems or those requiring very
detailed resolution) needs to be re-examined on each occasion. Product design and development
issues which ought to be escalated may well not be. Furthermore, such a system depends absolutely on
the knowledge and expertise of individual members of the workforce, and - contrary to all experience -
assumes that they are always available.

RESPONSE is specifically designed to provide systematic recording and tracking of product problems,
and their resolution.

RESPONSE is a multi-user system which maintains information about your customer base, products
shipped to each customer, all customer queries, technical problems and their resolution .... and much
more. Information can be quickly retrieved by on-line search facilities and can be shared by your staff -
allowing even inexperienced technicians to guide customers through complex or subtle problems.

RESPONSE is invaluable for both technical development and customer support operations.

RESPONSE helps to ensure that problems are correctly recorded, escalated to the appropriate
resources and a correction implemented. Often, what appears to be a simple problem, has a ‘knock on'
effect and impacts more than one area.

RESPONSE utilizes two interlinked primary tracking methods; contact tracking, which relates to
problems reported by customers and possibly their temporary fixes, and
task tracking, which relates
to any product or documentation changes required - tasks are linked to the original contact.

RESPONSE allows your support operation to monitor problems and tasks until all aspects are fully
resolved, at which time notification to the originator can be automatically triggered. This results in a
more smoothly running support department, and more importantly - higher quality products and

RESPONSE is designed to integrate with your present information systems, precluding the need for
you to retype information which already exists elsewhere in your organization, eg.
import data from your customer file.
RESPONSE can also be used to maintain imported files if required.

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