For over 13 years, a major part of our business has been the provision of migration products and
services for users who wish to transfer their applications to UNIX based computer systems.

As early as 1989, we recognized that with the impact and maturity of UNIX, the decreasing price of
ownership and the push for ‘OPEN' systems, companies would review their future computing policy.
As part of this review, the migration of existing business application systems would be an important
consideration given the investment made by companies.

To meet this challenge, M technologies developed a comprehensive range of conversion products and
services to help users to migrate their application systems to UNIX. Our conversion strategy is based
on a simple, strong principle :

to reduce the time, cost and risk to you the end user

Our migration products are designed to protect your current application systems investment. In most
instances, they eliminate the need to rewrite the systems, carry out extensive modifications or write
special programs to convert data files.

Migration Risk Reduction Expertise

We have a thorough understanding of the environment that
your applications currently operate in and the tools that were
used to develop them. Combined with our knowledge of
UNIX, we believe that we can offer a comprehensive service
to ensure a smooth and successful migration of your application
systems to UNIX.

We provide a full migration service, where we will undertake
the complete conversion of your application on your behalf.

This service involves scoping the extent of your system, taking
your source code and data, and preparing it to operate on your
chosen hardware platform. If any special software is required
to make the application operate on the chosen platform, then
we will develop this as necessary.

Where necessary, we will we rationalize the development structure of your application for on going
ease of maintenance, and provide the appropriate procedures to easily rebuild your system.

Despite the inevitable changes that occur, it is our policy to ensure that the structure of your programs
DO NOT change unless absolutely essential - what we return, is the code that your maintenance staff
are familiar with.

As part of this service we incorporate your application system into our RESPONSE problem tracking
system. This allows you to easily identify ALL changes that are made by M technologies, track the
history and understand the detail of the changes. In addition, RESPONSE allows you to easily
determine the status of a project while it is undergoing testing.

M technologies is focussed in helping you to preserve your existing investment as you take advantage
of new technology. We have experience in converting software from a wide range of environments and
can help you with your conversion project.

So protect your existing investment in your staff and software systems - after all they're what you rely on,
for they embody the business logic built up over years of running a company and therefore have a value far
beyond any obvious replacement.

Migrating systems does not mean leaving your current software and data behind

Are you thinking of migrating your Prime Systems ?

Or take a look at our products to see how they can help you achieve success and relieve those
Migration and Millennium nightmares.
Migration Products

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